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Computer issues?

 Let me tell you about a nice site that I recently discovered call Plug box linux , it helped me overcome some issues I have with my linux box for months.
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Creating and using a Webull account

The Webull app is a great way to invest in stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies. For just $5, you can start investing on your phone right now! Below are the details of this app that will help you get started. How to create a Webull account The first step is to download the Webull app. The next step is to enter your email, name, and country of residence. After you submit this information, you will be prompted for your mobile number. Once you submit your username and password, a link will be sent to the mobile number that you provided in order for you to verify it. This is necessary due to privacy laws. Once this step has been completed, you will be able to proceed with creating your account! How to add funds to Webull Adding funds to your Webull account is simple! You can add funds to your account in three ways: Credit/Debit Card ACH Transfer Wire Transfer So let's go through all three: To add funds with a Credit/Debit card, you will need the card number, expiration date, and CVC code

What To Do If You Have Your Check Stolen

When you’re out and about, it’s always possible that someone will snatch your phone or wallet. But what happens if someone steals your checks, too? It might not seem like a big deal to lose the occasional debit card or credit card; but what would happen if somebody stole all of them? You could be left with no way to pay for anything. Worse yet, they might take money from your checking account without you knowing - which would not only cause overdraft fees but also leave you liable for any large sums due to overdrawing the account because of the stolen checks. Contact the bank immediately to report your check stolen The best thing you can do if your checks are stolen is to contact your bank immediately and report the theft. This will help to protect your account from any potential damage that might be caused by someone using the stolen checks. You'll also want to contact the police and file a report for the stolen checks. File a police report with the authorities File a police repor

ATMs: We Always Use Them, but How Do They Really Work?

ATMs are an essential part of modern life. We use them to withdraw money, deposit cash, pay bills and more. But what do we really know about how they work? In this article, I’ll explain some basics about ATMs and how you can stay safe while using them. How ATMs work An ATM works by taking your card and verifying that it’s yours. That means you need to swipe the magnetic strip, just like you would normally do at a store or restaurant. After that, you're asked to enter your PIN number and perhaps choose which account you'd like the money taken from. Once you finish those steps, cash is dispensed from the ATM and your account records the withdrawal as a transaction. Your bank may charge you a fee for using an out-of-network ATM, so remember to check before taking money out. That's about all there is to it! Why is ATM security so important The answer has a lot to do with who uses ATMs. Unlike people at a bank branch or grocery store cashier who might recognize your face from be

Why you Should Always have Multiple Sources of Income

In today’s world, a single job is not enough to provide for all your needs. In fact, even if you have a high paying job or are a professional athlete , it may not be enough to sustain you in the long term. For this reason I’m going to tell you about why you should always have multiple sources of income and how they can benefit your life! What does income source mean An income source is any stream of money that comes into your life. This can be from a job, investments, rent payments, or any other form of revenue. Having multiple sources of income not only provides more opportunities for growth but also gives you options if one of your sources of income doesn’t go as planned. It is never wise to put all of your eggs in one basket. Why having multiple sources of income is important In today’s world, there are many people who have two jobs and still find themselves barely living paycheck to paycheck. This is because the cost of living has increased over the years and wages have stayed sta